Web service clients for the non-clairvoyant

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Web service clients for the non-clairvoyant

vince kraemer

I am looking for a note/tutorial/whatever to information on writing a web service client where
the person writing the code DOES NOT need to know/reference classes, etc. that will be
generated by wsimport (See 'Building the Client' in http://java.sun.com/developer/EJTechTips/2005/tt1220.html OR
this code [https://jax-ws.dev.java.net/articles/jaxws-netbeans/ServiceTest.java] from

I will willingly trade "hairier code" for something that I can compile the instant my fingers are done typing it in.

My "goal" is to write a client that uses injection, that is as simple using an injected EJB.

See: http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/vkraemer?entry=application_client_ejb_3_0

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