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WS-ReliableMessaging client API

John Stegeman

I've searched this Forum and the Internet, but haven't found anything remotely similar to what I'm looking for. If I've missed some documentation somewhere, please feel free to tell me "RTFM" and I'll summarise what I've found.

I have successfully deployed a Web Service with WS-ReliableMessaging policies to IIS and have been able to generate a proxy class (using Netbeans 7.3) and sample client to call the proxy. No issues here whatsoever. What I am now looking for is an API that I can use to do things such as:

* Determine what is the Sequence ID being used
* See what messages have been ACKed/NAKed
* Creating an asynchronous acknowledgement listener
* Informing the service that I am done sending messages.

I know that WebLogic and WebSphere have APIs for this (WsrmClient and WSRMSequenceManager). Is there something similar for Metro? If so, where is it documented?

Thanks for your assistance,