Using/Loading a custom HttpTransportPipe in JaxWS

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Using/Loading a custom HttpTransportPipe in JaxWS



In my application, I have extended the (that Jax WS uses by
default) to provide a custom TransportPipe which uses apache HttpClient
internally as transport. i.e. to process send the WS request and receive the
WS response. I have also written an extension to the to create and provide my custom
TransportPipe. This is being loaded by java's ServiceLoader mechanism, i.e.
providing a META-INF/services/fullyqualifiedclassname file which contains
the implementation I want to use. 7 out of 10 times, my custom
TransportTubeFactory is loaded but the other times, the default
TransportTubeFactory is being used. Is there any way to force loading of my
custom transport, all the time.


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