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Re: Enum Types are not supported on a JWS

I am having this same issue right now, I am working with oracle service bus
11g ( / oracle weblogic v10.3.4). I built a business service via
sbconsole and everything works fine when I used an operation which recieved
just primitive parameters (Long), when I add a new method to my service
businesss which recieved a class with some relations I get the error: Enum
types are not supported on jws. This happens whith a lot of methods, I am
building a business service from current EJB remote interfaces, I have read a
lot of documents since two days ago and everythings seems to be a a
configuration issue, many people say weblogic (via sbconsole or eclipse) is
using jax rpc instead of jaxws in order to generate web service definitions.
Any help will be appreciated :).


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Re: Enum Types are not supported on a JWS

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the remote interfeacces in Ejb technology are very tricky, especially in 3.0 or 2.1.

Please check if WebLogic uses jax-rpc  ?
The EJBs in Your WebLogic i think it is a 3.0 version may use a jax-rpc, where the handling of the xml messages is did in worth cases than the newest libraries.

in Ejbs there is known sample of issues with Lists<NotSerializableObject>   - (may) causes an errors
Map<String, NotSerializableObject>   - may causes an errors

Please verify if Your busienss object in remote interfaces that uses business objects.

I your situation i would try to check that Oracle Service Bus (version x.xx) uses jax-rpc or jax-ws.

if it possible please upgrade the web-services stack to jax-ws / metro   in Your server/ esb environmet.
The Jax-ws 2.1 / Metro 2.1 or later let your  XML processing better, simpler, many issues with serialization of suphisticated error was improved.

I work mainly with Glassfish from 2.0 to 3.1.2 version. i not problems with Enums in Ejbs , but i trying to use always the newest jax-ws  / metro stack.

Dear Mr. Hugo , You can consider to use Spring, SpringData as Your integration framework with @Transactional support and many other insttead of / or with the OSB with EJBs technology.

Best regards.