Missing jaxws-default-tubes.xml

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Missing jaxws-default-tubes.xml

Wilkins, Brian

I am using GlassFish 4.1. We have a web service client that exists in a JAR file in our EAR/lib directory. It uses JAX-WS to make a web service call to another web service in another domain. When this occurs, I receive an MASM0001 error about a missing jaxws-default-tubes.xml. I looked at every JAR in the GlassFish 4.1 modules directory, but none have this file.


Where am I supposed to put this file? I have placed it in my EAR/lib/Common.jar META-INF directory and every EAR META-INF directory but it is still not found. Where does MetroConfigLoader look for this file? Is there a way to spit out the path it is searching?