How to contribute Metro implementation?

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How to contribute Metro implementation?

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I'm an Italian student, I'm trying to use the WS-Metadata Exchange, WSIT project meter implements this protocol version of the 2004 request of the client returns the chema of the WSDL file and the WSDL file of the service. I wanted to try to make a change to the implementation in WSIT this so you can not just return the WSDL files but also other metadata during bootrapping and configuration.

I read from and I downloaded the source of WSIT as a guide ~ svn co svn / trunk / WSIT

once loaded the project in netbeans via pump, choose the module to change (ws-mex), how can I test it??

I state that I use netbeans + glasfish4 in Glassfish Metro / WSIT implementation is contained in the module-webservices osgi.jar.

I tried to open this jar and replace the files. class of modified sources, (those of ws-mex) I restarted Glassfish this does not work, saying that it can not load the modules OSGI and gives me error on all deployment projects.

thanks to lot

sorry for my english