HTTP connection pool (over Metro JAX-WS 2.3)

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HTTP connection pool (over Metro JAX-WS 2.3)




I am writing a Web Service client using JAX-WS with Metro 2.3  RI.

My application is Multi Threaded and supposed to endure an heavy load there for I keep the Service (Thread Safe) as a static member and use an Object Pool for the Port objects.

The problem is that whenever I attempt to invoke the externalized web service method, a new connection is being created instead of reuse the active one.

Note that the connection stays established for 10 seconds.

I made sure to use the following VM arguments (-Djava.endorsed.dirs=endorsed -Dhttp.keepAlive=true -Dhttp.maxConnections=20) and verified that the keep alive header is being set as part of the HTTP Request.

I am putting in the endorsed folder all the Metro 2.3 jars (webservices-api.jar, webservices-extra.jar, webservices-extra-api.jar, webservices-rt.jar, webservices-tools.jar) and doing that in order to insure that I operate with the 2.3 version and not with what comes in the JDK. (I am using JDK1.7.0_51 and JRE1.7)


What else should I be doing in order to be able to work with HTTP connection pool (over Metro JAX-WS 2.3)?






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