HEADS-UP: New Metro HTTP "User-Agent" header value proposal

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HEADS-UP: New Metro HTTP "User-Agent" header value proposal

Marek Potociar
Hello all,
I am proposing a change to the value that Metro clients are using to  
identify themselves when sending HTTP requests:

The new value template should be:

Metro/<project-version> (<wsit-svn-branch>-<wsit-svn-revision>; <build-
timestamp>) JAXWS-RI/<jaxws-ri-version> JAXWS/<jaxws-spec-version>


Metro/2.1 (trunk-6542; 2010-11-11T22:21:16+0100) JAXWS-RI/2.2.2 JAXWS/

As far as I can tell, this pattern seems to be consistent with the  
patterns used by most popular web browsers. It also helps to precisely  
identify the Metro sources that were used in the build.
Please send me your comments by Monday CoB.

Thank you,